Suzuki Assist

Real care where it counts

Wherever you are in New Zealand, Suzuki Assist is always just a phone call away if the unexpected happens. Our operators can access a nationwide network of accredited Suzuki Assist partners to make sure your journey ends well.

Valid for 5 years from the first sale date with no limitation on kilometres travelled, Suzuki Assist provides one of New Zealand’s most comprehensive roadside assistance programme - one more reason you’ll enjoy owning and driving a new Suzuki.

Need help?

If you need assistance just dial the Suzuki Assist toll-free number printed on your windscreen sticker:

0800 929 394 (for vehicles purchased from 1 February 2014 onwards)
0800 78 66 88 (for vehicles purchased prior to 1 February 2014)

You’ll need to give the operator the following information – please make sure you have it on hand:

  • Your name and location
  • Your licence plate number
  • A description of the problem
  • If possible, a telephone number (mobile) you can be contacted on

All day, every day

24 Hour breakdown assistance

Wherever you are in New Zealand, 24 hours, 7 days, you can call 0800 929 394 (for vehicles purchased from 1 February 2014 onwards) or 0800 78 66 88 (for vehicles purchased prior to 1 February 2014) to contact a Suzuki Assist contractor to carry out roadside repairs or have your vehicle transported to where it can be repaired.

Towing / transporting

If your vehicle has broken down, Suzuki Assist will have your vehicle transported to the nearest authorised Suzuki service centre. Please note that in the case of an accident, towing costs will be your responsibility.

Battery repairs

If your vehicle has broken down due to a flat battery during working hours, Suzuki Assist will attempt to jump start your car. If this is not possible, Suzuki Assist will have your vehicle transported to the nearest authorised Suzuki service centre. If the jump start is successful, but the battery condition is suspect, take your vehicle to to the nearest authorised Suzuki service centre immediately where the battery will be fully charged and checked. If required, it will be replaced free of charge as long as your vehicle is covered under warranty.

If your vehicle has broken down due to a flat battery outside working hours, Suzuki Assist will attempt to jump start your car. If this is not possible, Suzuki Assist may offer to sell you a battery. The suspected faulty battery must be supplied to your nearest authorised Suzuki service centre at the earliest convenience, where the battery will be fully charged and checked. If found faulty, you will be reimbursed for the full cost of the replacement battery.

Emergency fuel

If you run out of fuel, Suzuki Assist will arrange an emergency top up of up to 5 litres, or if special regulations apply, assistance to get you to the nearest refuelling station.

Technical advice

If something’s worrying you about your vehicle – for example, if warning lights come on – simply call our toll-free number and Suzuki Assist operators will be able to advise you over the phone.

Losing your keys or locking them in

Suzuki Assist will arrange emergency access to your vehicle or send you replacement keys as soon as possible. Key replacement may take up to 36 hours with sophisticated locking systems. Please note that Suzuki Assist covers mechanism breakdowns not the cost of replacement for lost keys.

Alternative travel and accommodation

If you're stranded by a breakdown, Suzuki Assist can provide an emergency taxi fare up to $100. If your journey is delayed by breakdown, accident or family emergency Suzuki Assist can help you reschedule air, sea, rail or road travel arrangements. We can also help you organise accommodation and restaurant bookings.

If you’re over 100kms from home and your vehicle is immobilised for more than 24 hours, you’re eligible for:

  • Up to three nights’ accommodation at up to $120 a night
  • Up to three days’ car rental at up to $120 a day (or six days at up to $120 a day if accommodation isn’t required)
  • Alternative ground transport for up to 4 people, at up to $120 each, if a car rental or accommodation isn’t available
  • Vehicle recovery to get your vehicle to the nearest Suzuki service centre

Emergency contacts

If you’re in an accident or your vehicle breaks down, Suzuki Assist will act as the communications coordinator for friends, family or business contacts on your behalf.

Accident co-ordination

If you have an accident, Suzuki Assist can provide advice on what to do and how to get your vehicle to your preferred repairer. Suzuki Assist can arrange towing services for you, but please note the costs of transporting accident vehicles are not covered. You will need to talk to your insurer.

Emergency medical assistance

If you are involved in an accident, Suzuki Assist can put you in touch with emergency medical staff to provide advice. We will also contact and liaise with relatives and family physicians if required.

If you or a passenger can’t continue the journey, Suzuki Assist will arrange suitable transport home or to the nearest medical facility and have the vehicle transported to its destination (please note personal and vehicle costs are not covered by Suzuki Assist).

Trauma counselling

Road accidents and near misses can be harrowing. If you’re involved in one, Suzuki Assist can arrange counselling from experienced trauma professionals.

Legal advice

Suzuki Assist will help with legal advice on accidents or ownership issues (e.g. when buying/selling a vehicle). Transfer of ownership

If you sell your vehicle within the five years, Suzuki Assist can be transferred to the new owner providing you advise us of the change of ownership.

Services for off-roaders

Suzuki Assist can arrange the following services on a pay-per-use basis:

Towing from remote areas and recovering bogged vehicles

If you have become bogged or stranded in a remote area, Suzuki Assist can arrange specialist equipment to recover your vehicle. If you are stranded due to mechanical break–down covered by the warranty, you will not need to pay.

Terms and exclusions

Suzuki Assist cover applies for 5 years on all new Suzuki vehicles sold in New Zealand. Cover commences from the date the vehicle is first sold. Suzuki Assist can be transferred to another owner if you sell the vehicle during the 5 year period.

Your responsibilities

The service is restricted to the nominated and registered vehicle. Appointed service providers will be required to verify vehicle registration on arrival. If the vehicle is not listed in the Suzuki Assist database, all costs of the call out will be the responsibility of the owner/driver of that vehicle.

The vehicle must be well maintained, roadworthy and in good mechanical condition. To protect the premiums of all Suzuki Assist customers, the service may be amended or withdrawn if a customer uses it excessively through failing to maintain the vehicle and correct recurring faults, or uses it fraudulently.

You must pay the costs of parts, labour and any other associated parts not covered by the vehicle’s warranty.

Drivers must be with their vehicle at the designated time of arrival of the Suzuki Assist service contractor. The customer may be required to pay in advance for any subsequent callouts.

If you sell the vehicle, Suzuki Assist must be advised in writing of the details of the change.

Suzuki Assist reserves the right to decline a caller’s request for service or assistance if the vehicle or owner details are not kept up to date.


Suzuki Assist applies normally to breakdowns affecting vehicles travelling on gazetted roads accessible by normal assistance recovery vehicles. However, Suzuki Assist can arrange to have accident-damaged vehicles recovered from public roads that can’t be accessed by normal 2WD recovery vehicles. In such cases, costs will be the customer’s responsibility unless the breakdown is covered by the warranty.

Suzuki Assist does not cover:

  • Costs of parts, labour and associated costs of repairs, including replacement tyres and batteries (unless covered by the warranty)
  • Vehicles used for hire or reward
  • Vehicles used for motor racing, rallies, speed or duration testing or any practice thereof
  • Claims arising from the loss or damage to contents of the vehicle
  • Claims arising from damage caused by forced entry to recover lost keys where the customer has been advised accordingly and agreed to indemnify Suzuki Assist against any damage caused
  • Claims arising from a recurring electrical or mechanical fault resulting from improper maintenance or servicing where a known repair or fault has been neglected
  • Situations where the vehicle is disabled by floods, snow-affected roads or is not accessible due to other adverse conditions
  • Vehicles being bogged in off-road conditions and not easily accessible by normal 2WD recovery vehicles
  • Vehicles located off public roads (other than private residence)
  • The recovery of trailered vehicles such as car trailers, boats, caravans and others
  • Vehicles exceeding 3.0 tonnes in laden weight
  • Unattended vehicles
  • Vehicles modified from standard manufacturer’s specification
  • Vehicles other than those confirmed as covered by Suzuki Assist
  • Vehicles not displaying a current motor vehicle registration certificate and warrant of fitness

For owners of used Suzuki vehicles

Suzuki Assist is also available to owners of used Suzuki vehicles on an annual subscription basis. Please note the following variations to the terms and conditions. These variations apply to used vehicles only and other terms and conditions previously shown continue to apply.

  • Suzuki Assist may be purchased for both NZ new and used imported vehicles. Purchase is made on an annual fee basis and is not provided for a five year period as stated in the Suzuki Assist brochure for new vehicles
  • The provision of Suzuki Assist on Suzuki vehicles registered more than three years ago is an agreement between the service provider and the individual
  • Suzuki Assist provides a range of services up to agreed limits as stated in the brochure. Costs above this amount will be the responsibility of the individual
  • Costs relating to parts, labour and any other associated costs for the repair of the Suzuki vehicle (unless covered by the manufacturer’s warranty), including replacement batteries and/or tyres, shall be at the owner/driver’s expense
  • Suzuki Assist roadside assistance will be restricted to a maximum of three (3) callouts in any one year of membership subscription.